Hello my name is Steven Webster. I’m a Nashville-Based videographer and director who loves to capture timeless moments and turn them into beautiful visual story telling pieces.

I got my start in creating art in 5th grade when I began my love for playing play the trumpet for my school. Which lead to my love for creating music. In high school I began to purchase electronic musical equipment in order to create my own Hip Hop and R n B instrumentals that I sold to aspiring artist. While following my passion for creating music in high school I got my start in videography. When taking this videography course, it required us to break into small groups and film and edited daily news that played over the school’s television system. After high school I joined the Air Force as a Security Force Airmen. While on deployment I purchased a small Canon HDV tape camera and filmed my entire deployment in Iraq and a second deployment to Afghanistan. Making this film helped me learn my true passion for creating and being a visual storyteller.

With a passion for visual storytelling my specialty is creating music videos, but I can easily cross over with my style to shoot weddings, commercials, documentaries, artist EPK’s, and business bios. I focus heavily on content, composition, and editing pace of each project. My company; Hy Def Imaging is recognized by the Better Business Bureau for being a company you can trust with your creative vision. I guarantee I will produce your project with a standout result to my highest level of importance.

Your vision through our eyes

HyDef Imaging is a BBB Accredited Videographer in Nashville, TN