We helped film the amazing story of the Pencil Foundation at an elementary school in East Nashville!  They had an amazing guess speaker (pictured).  After the guess speaker finished a major car company donated some trees and shrubs to the school that the kids got to go out plant in […]

We got an amazing assignment to go and shoot Nashville Fashion Week at Marathon Media Works in Nashville, TN. Every designer was amazing and the models were fabulous!

We had an awesome shoot with Steven Curtis Chapman! He was the spokesman for Kawai Pianos. He spoke on his experiences  with Kawai and how much they mean to his success. Kawai’s Sean O’Shea recently spent a day visiting with Steven Curtis Chapman at his home. Watch as Steven discusses […]

We filmed an Electronic Press Kit with the lovely artist from Philly. She is now in New York City building her music career. Look up her music and check out the EPK that we did for her on her website. http://katpace.com/about-music/

This video was a 2 day adventure of fun. From the arcade to the house it was a blast all the way around. The arcade was a unique place to film at, they didn’t shut it down. Usually that would be a huge problem but the folks in the arcade […]


Turnt | Lyric October and Teegy