Shot an awesome music video with the homie Eric White. Its a pretty incredible track that discuss how the world and worldly influences have people hypnotized. This is going to be an awesome music video so watch for it when it comes out. It will be on the Hy Def […]

There is an awesome event called “Brew at the Zoo” in at the Nashville Grassmere Zoo. They bring in nearly 100 different breweries, each with there own booth. They hand you a beer glass at the door and you can try all the beer for free while bands and performers […]

I got the opportunity to link up with Jon Connor, Alexander King, and Jelly Roll to film Jelly Roll’s When I Get Rich Music Video. Jarvis came out to help being a Grip for the entire two day shoot. It was an awesome experience, a lot of work and sweat […]

Mike McGraw and myself got hired by So Far Sounds to create and shoot a music documentary with some english speaking musicians in Brazil. The premises of the documentary is to show that music can transcend the boundaries of language. You can speak to people through music with out knowning […]

Mike McGraw, Sean Giovanni, and myself had a great shoot with Mike at Eastside Music Supply in East Nashville. Mike is a up and coming music artist, we developed an awesome relationship with him and the video turned out well. Plus as you can see this venue was an awesome […]

Shot an awesome studio session with Sean Giovanni and his session players down at SonyTree Music Studio. They were tracking some songs for Ryan Bexley. Check out his amazing music on

I’ve watched K-DA for almost 4 years grow as a Hip Hop artist. I honestly think he has some of the best lyrics I have heard. All he is missing is the fan base which I am helping him build via music video and video content. His lyrics and song […]

Body is a song about women with amazing bodies. Its a great song that Ice Cold Jay wanted to put a lot of promotion behind. The song features Kellen who is pictured here. I really wanted to go with 90s feel for this video. The video will be released at […]

My AD Michael McGraw and I had a great time shooting the last pick up scene for the “Don’t Stop” music video for Star Status Kings. This scene was from the hotel party they had over in West End Nashville