Sony A7S – My Dream Camera

Here is a project I test shot all on the AS7 I produced, filmed and directed. Only Natural light was used and picture profile Slog-2   Everyone that is serious about photography and videography is always infatuated with new hot gear and features that help them do there jobs easier. […]


Taylor Guitars 600 Series with Andy Powers

-Nashville is an awesome community of creatives, therefore companies geared toward creating tools for creatives either set foot in Nashville or visit Nashville with their products. Namm is a way that companies can bring there tools to Nashville for artist and creatives to purchase and or learn about. Namm stands […]


2 Minutes with DJ Wrightful

In the hip hop culture, the DJ doesn’t get as much respect or say in music as he or she should. DJ ultimately drive the entire hip hop community. DJ’s break new artist, DJ’s control the crowd, DJ’s control the mood. But also being a DJ is a hard job, […]

The 14th Annual MafioZA’s Music City Brewers Festival is the biggest beer festival in Middle Tennessee with over 30 different national, regional, and local breweries that showed up along with several food venders and local business. The event was created for the beer aficionado to be able to come and […]


Ultimate Ears Digital Scanning Technology

I visited Summer Namm in Nashville. Namm stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. This year’s Summer Namm was held at the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville. Nashville is a hot spot to host this sort of convention because of all the music studios here. Because of […]


Saving RCA Studio A

Nashville has a interesting but scary future. When I say this I refer to the music industry. A lot of construction companies have been coming to Nashville from my Atlanta and buying property and building condos everywhere. This is great except for there grabbing property that is home to very […]


30 Second Slot for Howard Gentry

On Independence Day Howard Gentry was out campaigning in Nashville. He hosted a cook out in North Nashville near TSU at Hadley Park. His team had me film a 30 Second Slot for him. He is running for Mayor. Go out and support. Howard Gentry is a Nashville native, growing […]


Catherine Parks Live at Exit In, Nashville,TN

Here is a video we produced for the lovely and talented Catherine Parks. She had a charity benefit concert for The Salvation Army. She had an awesome performance that night and is on the way to doing great things in her music career.

The hip hop group Hitmen hail from Chicago but have relocated to Nashville, TN. They hired me to come out and film a music video with them for a song called “The Bad Guy”. The song depicts a lot of events that have happened through the civil rights movements and […]

Joseph from over at Digi-Films came out to be my second shooter this past Saturday afternoon in a small town called Powell,TN. It was a little north of Knoxville. The view was amazing. They had the wedding outside in front of the lake and the reception in a barn up […]