Here is a project I test shot all on the AS7 I produced, filmed and directed. Only Natural light was used and picture profile Slog-2


Everyone that is serious about photography and videography is always infatuated with new hot gear and features that help them do there jobs easier. My most recent infatuation and hot item I want to purchase is the new Sony A7S.

I am currently a Canon shooter. I won a T3I and a 7D. These were the first two cameras I started out with and I love them but since I started my career 2 years ago the industry has made major changes.  Some of the changes being very major like the influx of mirrors cameras. Canon’s mirror-less are gear more toward the consumer instead of the pro-sumer photographer, thus making them fall behind when it comes to some camera companies.

One camera company that I have payed attention to is Sony. They have been trail blazing with there mirror-less cameras. One particular camera that I have payed attention to is the Sony A7S.  It has a very small foot print and really doesn’t look like much of a camera when you examine it’s body visually. I had that mind set when I first put my hands on the camera but after using it on a shoot I quickly fell in love with it. There are two very important features that gained my respect and love.

The A7S has a ridiculous high iso range. Not only a high iso range but without grain is quite amazing. I shot the project I was working on at 40,000 iso at night sometimes and there was zero grain.

The second feature is that you can choose picture profile called S-log2. Slog2 allows for more latitude through the entire image. This picture profile is the same one that Sony puts in there Sony F-55 which is higher in cinema camera.  It allows you to push the image pretty far when it comes to color grading and color correcting. Its pretty close to have what would be the equivalent of raw video.

Having these two features is ideal for me, because it becomes easier to shoot with low budget techniques especially at night and still achieve a very high quality image.

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