14th Annual MafiaoZA’s Music City Brewers Fest


The 14th Annual MafioZA’s Music City Brewers Festival is the biggest beer festival in Middle Tennessee with over 30 different national, regional, and local breweries that showed up along with several food venders and local business. The event was created for the beer aficionado to be able to come and try beers that are normally not available in Nashville. They give you a complimentary beer drinking glass as a souvenir and you can use it at each poring station.


Black Abbey had huge popularity at the beer festival. The Black Abbey Brewing Company is based out of Nashville, TN. It’s a belgian-style beer with a monastery-inspired setup brewery. I personally loved this beer.


Directly across from the Black Abbey tent there was a large Lagunitas Brewing Company tent set up with an excellent choice of beers. They also had a large dance contest going on as well. When these two dropped to do the splits the entire crowd erupted. Lagunitas Waldo was a crowd favorite.


The Blue Moon tent remains my top favorite tent at the festival. There tent was unique because they not only have delicious beer for everyone to try out but they had a community painting for everyone to participate in. The painting started out as a blank canvas. The moon was painted in and eventual the skyline of Nashville grew around it. This piece means a lot to me because it shows how artistic the Nashville community is and how much people actually care about building our city.

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