I visited Summer Namm in Nashville. Namm stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. This year’s Summer Namm was held at the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville. Nashville is a hot spot to host this sort of convention because of all the music studios here. Because of this convention and the amount of music studios here a few of the music equipment manufacturers have moved to Nashville.

The studio that I partnered with (The Record Shop Nashville) has an exclusive relationship with Ultimate Ears. Ultimate ears is a company geared toward revolutionizing the In-Ear monitoring industry with their new digital scanning technology. They have a digital laser scanner that scans the inside of the ear and builds a map of the ear canal. They use that digital scan to make a mold from the scan, thus allowing you have the most comfortable fit your ear. Matching this with the perfect type of in ear monitor for you, will give you the ultimate accurate hearing experience.  Ultimate Ears has definitely become one of the most impressive and important companies here in Nashville because so many people need to have accuracy when listen back at studio sessions or playing live shows. When ears are exposed to loud noise for a prolonged time, they tend to fatigue, with these specific monitors, that doesn’t happen.  Check out www.ultimateears.com to buy your pair.


Below is a list of companies that attended Summer Namm this year.

1964 Ears LLC [new]
3RD POWER Amplification
A-Designs [new]
Absara Audio LLC
Access Bags and Cases
Ace Products Group
Acme Audio Mfg. Co. [new]
Acoustic Science Strings
Advanced Plating Inc.
AEA – Audio Engineering Associates
AER Amps
AES Nashville
Aguilar Amplification, LLC
AIM Gifts
AirNetix, LLC [new]
AirTurn, Inc.
AJP Drums
ALBA Technology, LLC
Alesis [new]
Alex Scott Guitars
Alexander Pedals
Alfred Music
All-Tone Speakers [new]
Aluminati Guitar Company [new]
Alvarez Guitars
Amahi Ukuleles
Amis Co., ltd (Guangzhou) [new]
Amphion Loudspeakers [new]
AMV Sales & Consultation
Analog Outfitters [new]
Analysis Plus
Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions LLC
Ansmann Rechargeables
Antares [new]
Antelope Audio
Arriba Cases
Artisan Bass Works
Asher Guitars & Lap Steels [new]
Asher Guitars & Lap Steels [new]
ATC Loudspeaker Technology [new]
Audio Plus Inc. [new]
Audio Sprockets [new]
Augspurger Monitors
Augspurger Monitors
Auralex Acoustics
Auratone [new]
Avedis Zildjian Company
Avid Technology, Inc.
AXL Guitars
BA Ferguson Guitars
Backbone Guitar Products, LLC [new]
BADAZZ Guitar Stands
Band World Music Inc. [new]
Banjo-Tam LLC
Barbera Transducer Systems [new]
Baroni Lab [new]
BeatBuddy [new]
Bedell Guitars
Beijing Eastman Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. [new]
Benson Custom
Berets Publications [new]
Black Cherry USA [new]
Blackbird Pedalboards
Blue Microphones [new]
Bluesman Vintage Guitars
Bohemian Guitars
Bootleg Guitars, LLC
BP Rose Guitars [new]
Bradford Forest, Inc [new]
Breedlove Stringed Instruments
Breezy Ridge® Instruments, Ltd.
Budda Amplification
Bullhead Amplification, Inc. [new]
Burbank Audio Systems [new]
ButterWorth Electronics, LLC [new]
C.F. Martin & Co., Inc
CAD Audio
CAIG Laboratories, Inc.
California Luthier Supplies [new]
Cannonball Musical Instruments
Canoman Music Inc. [new]
Caroline Guitar Company LLC [new]
Casio America, Inc.
Castle Drum Company
CE Distribution, LLC
Cedar Creek Custom Cases
Chairman Instruments Trading Limited
Chase Bliss Audio [new]
Chesbro Music Co.
CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co., Ltd. [new]
Civilized World Inc
Clear Tune Monitors
Cleartone Strings
Cloud Microphones
CMG Guitars
Coil Audio LLC [new]
Colby Amplification [new]
Cole Clark [new]
Collectible Guitar Magazine
Concept-Logic, LLC
Connolly Music Company
Connolly Music Company
Coopercopia LLC
Cordial GmbH [new]
Cordoba Guitars
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Crane Song Ltd. [new]
Creation Music Company [new]
Crest Audio
CruzTOOLS, Inc.
Cupit Music
Cusack Music
D’Addario & Company, Inc.
D’Andrea USA Division of Delmar Products Inc.
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars
Daredevil Pedals
Ddrum Percussion
Dean Guitars
Decibel Eleven
Deering Banjo Company
Denon Professional [new]
Denver Music Group [new]
Dialtone Pickups
Diffusion Audio Inc.
Digital Audio Labs
Direct Embed Coating Systems LLC [new]
Direct Sound Headphones LLC
Dixon Drums & Hardware
DLS Effects, INC. [new]
DNA Guitar Company [new]
DR Handmade Strings
Dr.MoJo Guitars [new]
Drum Muff [new]
drumdots [new]
Drumtee [new]
Drumtee [new]
Dylanpickups.com [new]
Dynamount LLC [new]
E. Lombardo Guitars
E.K. Blessing Instruments & Mouthpieces [new]
EARasers by Persona Medical
EarTech Music
EarthQuaker Devices
Earthworks, Inc.
Eastman Guitars
Easy-Doks LLC.
EC Custom Shop Pedals [new]
Edwards Audio Research
Eleven Dimensions Media, LLC
Elite Acoustics Designs, Inc. [new]
EMD Music
Emery & Webb, Inc.
Emotiva Audio
Eno Music Co., LTD [new]
Epilog Laser
ESP Guitar Company
Essential Sound Products, Inc.
Etymotic Research, Inc. [new]
Evans Drumheads
Evolution Guitars [new]
Faber Piano Adventures
Faith Guitars [new]
Fastset Supports
FestEvo [new]
Fitness Audio, LLC [new]
Flying Musicians Association (FMA)
Forever 4 Our Heroes [new]
Four Star Wire & Cable, Inc.
Fret-King Vintage Guitars [new]
Fuchs Audio Technology, LLC
Full Scale AV
Fzone Music Technology Co. LTD [new]
G.ART GUITARS di Vasi Massimiliano & C Snc [new]
G7th Ltd
GaffTech [new]
Galaxy Audio Inc.
Gatchell Violins Co., Inc.
Gator Cases, Inc.
George L’s
Giannini – USA
Gibson Brands Inc.
Gizmotron LLC [new]
GJ2 Guitars
Godin Guitars
Gold Tone, Inc.
Gon Bops Inc. [new]
Grace Design [new]
Gravity Guitar Picks [new]
Greer Amps, LLC [new]
Gretsch Co.
Griffin Technology
Grip Studios Inc
Grundorf Corporation
Guangdong Kapok Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Guardian Cases
Guild Guitars
Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association
Guitar Roads LLC [new]
GuitarEffectsPedals.com [new]
Guitars For Vets
Guitars of Love [new]
Gulf Music Sales
H & F Technologies, Inc.
Hal Leonard Corporation
Halo Systems [new]
Hamilton Metalcraft, Inc. [new]
Hamilton Stands
Hang Over Guitar Straps LLC
Harris Musical Products, Inc.
Headhunters Drumsticks
Hearne Hardwoods, Inc. [new]
Henretta Engineering
Henriksen, Inc. [new]
Highland Dynamics [new]
Hilltop Music Corporation [new]
Homespun Tapes Ltd.
Hosa Technology, Inc.
Hoshino USA Inc.
Howard Core Company
Hudson Music, LLC
Humes & Berg Mfg. Co., Inc.
Hunter Music Instrument Inc.
IMS Technologies
IMS Technologies
IMSTA [new]
Inderjit Ashok Kumar [new]
Infinity Drumworks, LLC.
International Songwriting Competition (ISC)
J.L. Design [new]
Jackson Ampworks
JamHub Corporation
Jammin Johns [new]
JANKEE Tomasz Jankowski [new]
Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers
Jodi Head-Guitar Wear
JodyJazz Inc.
JodyJazz Inc.
John Packer Ltd
John Pearse® Strings
Journey Instruments [new]
Joyo Technology Co., Ltd [new]
Kala Brand Music Co.
KAM Instruments Corporation
KCNC Production and Design LLC [new]
KellyConcepts, LLC
KHS America
KHS America
Killer-Q a division of Strapworks LLC
KK BabyBass [new]
Klops Drums
Kluson Manufacturing
KMC Music, Inc.
Knilling String Instruments
Koenig & Meyer GmbH
Kohlman Bassworks [new]
Kratt Pitch Pipe Co., Wm. [new]
Kupo Industrial Corp [new]
Kurt Wilson Guitars [new]
Kyser Musical Products Inc.
La Bella Strings
Lace Music Products
Lakota Leathers
Latch Lake Products Inc.
Laudo Drums [new]
Legator Music Inc. [new]
Les Paul’s Big Sound Experience [new]
Lessonface.Com, Inc [new]
Levy’s Leathers Limited
LightWave Systems Inc [new]
Line 6, Inc.
Long Hollow Leather Co.
Loog Guitars
Loop Community [new]
LowEnd Basses
Luke Audio LLC [new]
Luna Guitars
Luthiers Colombianos [new]
M Music & Musicians Magazine
Mad Professor Amplification Ltd
MadBox Designs [new]
Magneto Guitars [new]
Maple Leaf Strings
Marco Bass Guitars, Inc.
MarcoSolo Productions, LLC [new]
Marshall Amplification PLC [new]
Marshall Electronics
Matthews Effects [new]
MC Systems
McCaffrey Audio, LLC. [new]
McPherson Inc.
Meadowbrook Insurance Group
MEElectronics [new]
Meliti Acoustics LLC.
Mental Case Inc.
Merch Cat [new]
Mesanovic Microphones
Metalphoto of Cincinnati [new]
Metropolitan Music Co.
Metz Functional Art [new]
Mighty Bright
Miktek, LLC
MJC Ironworks Strings [new]
Mogami Cable
Mojo Hand Fx
Mole Richardson [new]
Moog Music
Mothertone [new]
MTD (Michael Tobias Design LLC)
Mukhtar Manufacturing Corporation [new]
Music City Replication
Music Forward Foundation [new]
Music Inc.
Music Nomad Equipment Care [new]
Music Sales Corporation
Musical Merchandise Review
Musicians Institute
Musiquip Inc.
Musistic, Inc.
MXL Microphones
NAMM Foundation
Nashville Musicians Association, AFM 257
Nektar Technology, Inc
NewBay Media
Nikita Guitars [new]
Nissan Commercial Vehicles [new]
Not Just Stands
Noteflight [new]
Nova Strings
NS Design
Opal Instruments [new]
Option 5, LLC [new]
Original Fuzz
Ortega Guitars
OwnPhones [new]
P. Mauriat Musical Instruments
Paige Musical Products
Palir Guitars
PartnerShip LLC
Peak Music Stands
Peavey Electronics Corporation
Pedalboard Supplies [new]
Percussion Marketing Council
Perfect Seal
Perri’s Leathers Ltd.
Peter Zaret and Sons Violins [new]
Pirastro GmbH
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers [new]
Planet Waves – D’Addario Accessories
Players Music Accessories
Playground Sessions
PMI Audio Group
Portastand Inc
Porter & Davies Limited
Prat Basses LLC
Premier Builders Guild
Premier Guitar
PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.
Prism Sound
Pro Audio Distribution [new]
Pro-Active Websites
Professional Audio Design, Inc
Propellerhead Software
Pure Sound
Purple Audio LLC [new]
Q2 Audio, LLC [new]
QickPick Headwear
QSC Audio, LLC
Quilter Labs, LLC
RainSong Graphite Guitars
Rali Design [new]
rbh Drums
Re-Axe Products
Recording King
Red Panda LLC [new]
Rees Harps Inc.
Remo, Inc.
Republic Guitars [new]
Retail Up!
Reverb.com [new]
Reverend Guitars
Revv Amplification Inc [new]
Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC [new]
Rhythm Intensive [new]
Rico Reeds – D’Addario Woodwinds
Risen Amplifiers [new]
Riversong Guitars
RJM Music Technology
Robson Tuning Machines [new]
Roché-Thomas Corp.
Rocklin (Bass) Guitar LLC
Roland Corporation U.S.
Rolling Bender
Rolling Bender
Rowdy Pickers Musical Products
RT ElecTRonix [new]
RTZ Professional Audio, LLC
Rupert Neve Designs
S.I.T. Strings Co.
Saga Musical Instruments
Saint Louis Music
Samick Music Corp.
Sandberg Guitars [new]
Santa Cruz Guitar Corp
Schecter Guitar Research
Score Mktg.
sE Electronics
Sedo Audio [new]
Seven Guitar Co. LLC [new]
Seymour Duncan
Shanghai Max Precision Instrument
Shubb Capos
Silver Luthier co. [new]
Silverfox Percussion
Silverstein Works
SKB Corporation
Slaperoo Percussion [new]
Sleishdrum LLC
Slick Cyber Systems [new]
SlideWinder Co. [new]
SoloDallas LLC [new]
Sonic Scores, Inc.
Sony Creative Software [new]
Sorigio [new]
Souldier Straps
Sound Enhancement Products, Inc.
Source Audio LLC
Spaceman [new]
Spiritfilled Productions [new]
STEEL Instruments
Sterling By Music Man
Stonebridge Guitars International Inc.
STRAVARI Orchestral Instruments
Street Jelly Media, Inc. [new]
Street Jelly Media, Inc. [new]
Strings by Aurora
Studiolinked VST [new]
Sublime Guitar Company
Sugar Creek Music [new]
SwirlyGig Industries
Synchrony Financial
Takamine Guitars
Tape Op Magazine
Taylor Guitars
TC Electronic
Tectonic Audio Labs [new]
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik
Telescript West, Inc.
Tensor Inc. [new]
Tensor Inc. [new]
The Deli’s Stompbox Exhibit
The Loar
The Music & Sound Retailer
The Music Link
The Music People Inc.
The Ohio Art Company [new]
The Wishbone Workshop [new]
Tiptonic [new]
TKL Products Corp
TMP Pro Distribution
TPSynergy.Com LLC [new]
Trace Elliot
Transamerica Audio Group Inc [new]
Tri-Technical Systems, Inc.
Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems [new]
Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems [new]
TV Jones, Inc
Two Notes Audio Engineering [new]
Two Old Hippies Stringed Instruments
Tycoon Music
Ultimate Ears
Uncle Dave’s Custom Guitars, LLC [new]
United Recovery Solutions Inc [new]
United States Patent and Trademark Office
UpBeat Daily
US Drum Supply
US Music Corporation
V-Picks Guitar Picks
V16 Guitars [new]
ValveTrain Amplification
Veritas Instrument Rental
VHT Amplification
Vintage Guitar Inc
Vintage Sound Amps, Inc. [new]
Virgin Musical Instrument Inc.
Volz Music Products, LLC
Von York Inc [new]
Von York Inc [new]
Vulcan Music Accessories [new]
Walrus Audio [new]
Wampler Pedals
Warrior Guitar
Warwick & Framus
Wathen Audiophile, LLC
WD Music Products
Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments
Westco Educational Products [new]
Westone Laboratories, Inc.
WhisperRoom, Inc.
WhisperRoom, Inc.
Whitfill Custom Guitars [new]
Wilkins Guitar
Willcox Guitars [new]
Willis Music Company
Wisdom Light Inc [new]
wishbass.com [new]
Woodrow Guitar [new]
WordPress.com [new]
World’s Fastest Drummer
XQP [new]
Yamaha Corporation of America
Yellow Jackets
Yorkville Sound Inc.
Zemaitis International
ZimMusicInc [new]
Zither Music Company [new]
Zuni Custom Guitars & Amplifiers
Zymol Music

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