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Sometimes wedding photography can be a daunting task if your unprepared. Weddings tend to not have any re do’s there a pre-planning for a wedding is a must.  A long with pre-planning, having a second or assistant shooter and being able to communicate during the shoot is a must as well.  You both should always know were one another is during the ceremony as well.

My Pre Plan Checklist:

3x Full Battery

1x Battery Charger

3x Memory Cards

1 Main Camera

1x Back Up Camera

2x Lens of Choice

1x Checklist of People I want to shoot

1x Checklist of Details I need to shoot

1x Camera Strap

1 External Flash

Having a good pre-plan and a checklist will take you such a long way.  Not having some of these items could slow down your workflow because you may have to go back to your bag and grab things. Running back and forth from your gear to your shooting spot could result in missing out on some of the most important moments of the wedding. Also your client can always tell when your up prepared.  If they can visually see you running around like a chicken with your head off they will notice that and make a mental note of it. Also I would never change a lens during a weeding.  Grab your lens of choice and stay at the focal length, move in close if you need a closer shot, don’t switch to a longer lens.  I try to waste as little time as possible while at a wedding because you can’t get anytime back.

Leave some comments below describing your workflow checklist or pre planning if your a photographer

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