We were hired to travel with the band Scarletta and film a short documentary on them and there road life. A preview of the documentary will be available soon on our website. To check out the band and there work, check out www.scarlettamusic.com

Sometimes wedding photography can be a daunting task if your unprepared. Weddings tend to not have any re do’s there a pre-planning for a wedding is a must.  A long with pre-planning, having a second or assistant shooter and being able to communicate during the shoot is a must as […]

Went to Bonnaroo again! Had an amazing time, saw some amazing artist, and hired the team an editor. It was a very productive weekend of fun and smiles. Can’t wait to go for year nine!


That’s a warp on Afton!

Just wrapped at Sony Tree Studio with the very talented Afton Prater. This girl has some talent. Check her out at aftonprater.com produced by the amazing The Record Shop!! Check out Sean Giovanni at www.therecordshopnashville.com